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What is Pioneer Mission?

SCBA recognise that the world is changing fast and that we need to explore new ways of how we do might share the good news of Jesus with people today. For this reason, we support a number of pioneering initiatives across our association.  This page will tell you some of the stories of those who are pioneering and how you can find out more about getting involved or even starting your own pioneering initiative.

For SCBA, a pioneering initiative engages with a community, group or network who are not currently being reached by an existing church.  Pioneers do not begin with a set plan but start instead with seeking God’s guidance by listening to the people they engage with and seeking out open and key people with whom to connect (often called people of peace).  This listening process will shape any pioneering initiatives that might emerge.

John Good and Ben & Ez Lucas are Baptist Ministers who are examples of Pioneers within our Association. Ben & Ez and John both receive funding from the Home Mission Fund via SCBA.  You can see their stories below.

To find out more about what pioneer mission is all about please feel free to download our leaflet “Tell me more about Pioneering”.

To find out more about Pioneer Mission within SCBA contact Regional Minister Joth Hunt.

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Connect with John Good
Connect with Ben & Ez Lucas
SCBA Pioneer Gatherings – if you are pioneering within the SCBA area and you’d like to find out about our gatherings, please get in touch with Joth


Two Grove booklets are useful places to begin exploring Pioneering: For Pioneering with new housing developments the New Housing Hub is a good place to look. 
You can find out what Baptists Together say about Pioneering on their website.
The Church Mission Society has FAQs on pioneers and pioneering from an Anglican perspective.

Meet the Pioneers

Meet Ben & Ez

Hello!  We are Ben and Ez Lucas, Baptist minsters with our four children Gracie, Anna, Bethany and William, and we are all missional listening here in rural Dorset.   What is missional listening?  It’s a sort of dual listening - one ear to God remembering his unchanging promises and one ear to the community discerning where God is at work, what the Gospel might look like for our community and how we might participate in all that God is doing.  We have learnt so much by listening to the community. 
We are living in a village called Charlton Down, where there is no visible presence of church.   As we have listened, we have found ourselves getting involved in many aspects of village life.  Running the thriving toddler group, schools work, cricket club, parish council and village hall committees are a few ways we are involved.   We are at the moment adapting part of the village hall into a café to create much needed community space for the community to be community.   Our work also manifests itself regionally.   The village churches are few and those that there are, would be considered small.   We gather Christians from different villages to pray and equip one another to join in the mission of God, with the hope that the result will be a light in every village.  
Ben also works for the, fresh expression rural guiding team and is studying for an MA in Missional spirituality.   It’s full, fun and fulfilling!   We are in such a privileged position and are so thankful for SCBA and Rural Ministries for our funding - without partnership - this is not possible.  We are passionate about encouraging pioneering, encouraging the inherited church and closing the gap to see all working together, being one - both expressions are beautiful! 

For Ben's latest blog called "A Baptism Born out of Listening and Being" please click here.

Meet John

"Hi, I'm John and this is my wife Mim and two boys Dylan and Jake. I'm a keen surfer. In fact, my whole family loves the sea. In October 2019 we moved into a new build estate in Hamworthy on the edge of Poole Harbour after being somewhere else in Poole for a year. We are excited to see what God is already up to here. Our house is one of 100 homes built here in 2015. We believe that God is already at work and our job is simply to join in serving, loving and listening to our new neighbourhood as it grows and develops. Over the next decade, there will be at least another 1000 homes built next to us which means that soon, we may have a lot more neighbours.
When we moved, some of the locals were talking about wanting to get out on the water but not being able to afford it. I'm very excited to soon be launching a little enterprise responding to those comments which might act as a sharing platform for watersports equipment. It's a project which uses what I'm passionate about but also has the potential to develop community down the line. Have a look here.
If you would like to follow our progress, you can sign up to our half termly updates here.
and if you would like to support our ministry financially, please click here (
but more importantly, if you are ever in the area, stop by for a brew!"

Meet Helen