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Prayer Diary for October 2021

From Baptist Union Prayer Diary

3rd October - This week is Good Money Week, when we are encouraged to think about how our churches live out their mission and values through the way they handle their money.  Pray that we might use our financial resources as part of your mission, focusing not on what is easy, but on what is right.  (

10th October - Today is Homelessness Sunday, when we are encouraged to take time to reflect upon homelessness and the issues surrounding homelessness in the UK.
Jesus. help us to see your face in the eyes of every person experiencing homelessness who we meet.  So that we may be empowered through word and deed, and by your grace, to bring justice and peace to those who are homeless. Amen  (Prayer from material by Housing Justice)

17th October - October is Black History Month, and the annual Sam Sharpe Lecture takes place online on 21st October.  Please pray for the work of the Sam Sharpe project in reflecting on and responding to the impact and legacy of the transatlantic slave trade.  (

24th October - The Northern Baptist Association are passionate to see God's Kingdom come in power to touch people's lives and shape our society.  Please pray for the Association as they engage together in developing, encouraging and supporting churches to be creative in mission, and facilitating effective ministries.  Pray especially for the Transitional Strategic Leader, Revd Hayley Young, who has just begun this new role in the Association.  (

31st October - Each year, on the first Monday in November, Baptist women all over the world join together in prayer, celebration and reflection.  The theme this year is 'Courageous Life!' focusing on encouraging women to be courageous because the Lord is by our side.   (

From the BMS World Mission Prayer Diary

3rd - 9th October - Israel-Palestine - This week we pray for partners in Israel-Palestine.  BMS World Mission has worked in the region for many years and is privileged to join locally led ministries that are equipping men and women to serve throughout the Arabic-speaking world.

10th - 16th October - Thailand - The faith of believers in Thailand is growing ever stronger.  BMS World Mission is grateful for the opportunity to be part of expanding God's Kingdom there.  Join us this week as we pray for God's Spirit to move over Thailand.

17th - 23rd October - Emerging Leaders - BMS World Mission has a great record of sending well-trained mission workers to our partners oversees.  We are now focused on developing training that can be engaged with by personal and partner workers in their local contexts.  We aim to walk with, build up and learn from emerging leaders as they grow in experience and effectiveness.

24th - 30th October - Recruitment - While we praise God for all the people who've been willing to serve with BMS World Mission in recent years, we still recognise that the need for people to come and serve remains great.  Please join us in prayer for BMS' recruitment needs this week, and for UK staff who manage this crucial work.

31st October - 6th November - Creation Stewardship - This week COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference, "Uniting the World to Tackle Climate Change."  Climate issues should not only be discussed at such events, but all organisations like BMS World Mission should engage in mission that protects the sacred world God has created.

You can access the full BMS World Mission Prayer Diary here.