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Mission is at the heart of Southern Counties Baptist Association.

It is our desire to see every church to be active in reaching and serving their community and neighbours. To this end SCBA seeks to serve each church by supporting them in various ways to strengthen their mission. 

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RE:IMAGINE is an opportunity for churches to reimagine what their mission looks like to their community. This is a community learning journey that enables a team from a church to join with teams from other churches to consider four key areas of what it is to be a missional church - engaging in culture, empowering leadership, encouraging discipleship and embracing mission. 

Community - Re:imagine is very much a community where people learn most from one another in the context of a shared experience. There is something very special about the dynamic exchange of thinking and practice, which takes place when teams grow in both confidence and vulnerability. No one is better than anyone else - but rather a fellow traveller on a journey, where everyone can learn from others and celebrate what God is doing.

MissionalFor many people 'missional' has simply replaced the word ‘mission’ but if that is all we do, it’s more akin to moving deckchairs on the Titanic. Missional represents a change of mind and practice. It means that, in order to glorify God, we make our main purpose being equipped for, and engaging in, the mission of God. This embraces both being and doing and can become the wellspring for our motivation and the direction for our living.

One of the roots of meaning for our word ‘discipleship’ means learning. Unsurprisingly, coming out of Hebrew practise, we only ‘know’ anything after we’ve done it, or when the truth is embraced by real people and becomes part of the practice of their lives. One of the greatest benefits of Re:imagine is helping to translate our thinking into practice. 

The Journey - this is a two year journey that enables your designated group to work through the four hubs of re:imagine. 

hub circles

Engaging Culture - we explore our shifting cultural landscape in order to understand our own challenges for serving and reaching out to our communities.

Empowering Leadership - we explore how 'who we are' and 'how we lead' really matters.

Equipping Disciples - We explore how we as leaders can encourage and equip others to become healthy missional disciples

Embracing Mission - We discern who it is that God is brining to our attention and who we haven't yet shared the gospel with.